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Appliance Repairs and Tech Service

Don't throw it away! Let me take a look.

I am away on leave until 15 July 🙂

Feel free to email or leave a voice message. I will respond when I return. Thanks.

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Appliance Repair

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Computer Repair

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Tech Service

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Test and Tag

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Appliance repair

I am licensed to repair any electrical appliance with a three pin plug that is rated for 230 volts. I can't fix everything but let me take a look and I'll see what I can do.

Washing machines, driers, microwaves, dishwashers, amplifiers, power tools etc...

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Computer Repair

Hard drive cleanup or replacement

Operating system reinstall

Memory upgrades

Data recovery

Network problems

Crashing Software

PC and Mac

Windows and Linux

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tech Service

Help with using or setting up:

Networks and Wifi extensions

Printers and scanners

Phones and tablets

TV, video and audio

Gaming Consoles

Smart speakers and home automation


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Test and Tag

All electrical appliances especially tools need to be regularly tested to ensure their electrical safety.
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